Getting ready to leave for the airport!

Saperlipopette! The French way to say OMG! This is probably what you said to yourself when you first found out I was writting a blog and this is exactly what the voices in my head said to me. Since for some reason I am stupid lucky and get to live (i.e. vacation) in France while Michael brings home the bacon, I wanted to share my adventures with you all! Thanks to Laura Mahony, Libby Wright, and Noi Simmons for the encouragement to start this blog! Our big adventure starts today, Oct. 1st as we make our way from Greenville, SC to Clermont-Ferrand, France. We are more than ready to go with our 6 bags of luggage, carseat, stroller, 4 carry on bags, and Brooklyn. I know what you are thinking….and you are so right! We also have no idea how the two of us are going to carry all of this! Au Revoir!