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We are safe and sound in France and love it already! Our temporary apartment in a nice two bedroom with a kitchen, living/dining room, washroom (shower and sink) and watercloset (toilet) and a balcony. Our washer and dryer is in the kitchen! The apartment is much nicer than we expected. It also comes with a garage that is underground. It took Michael forever to try to squeeze the car in the garage and then later we found out we are supposed to back in to make it easier! We looked at some different apartments today and liked one of them but it needs LOTS of work…mainly painting the entire apartment but it has tall ceilings and has panoramic views in the living room and more views in the kitchen on the other side of the apartment. It is a 7th floor two bedroom and two bath (it is not common to have two baths in an apartment or house) apartment. Most of the apartment has large, very nice tile. The bathrooms are funky colors and designs and the kitchen is horrible with red and white cabinets and I can’t even begin to explain the tile backsplash…The living room and the views almost make you forget about all the rest. The agent is asking the landlord about painting the apartment and we are supposed to hear something tomorrow. We look at another apartment tomorrow, which we already like from the pictures we have seen, that also has awesome views. The slideshow is of our temporary apartment, the view, and a nearby street.