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We have a grocery store called “Simply Market” about a block and a half from the apartment which is good since there isn’t a parking lot. The grocery carts are about half the size of U.S. carts and they don’t have a seat for kids. You also have to bag your own groceries and bring your own bags. If you use their bags they charge you 4 centime (5 cents) per bag. It’s definitely interesting grocery shopping since everything is so different. There are a few things that we have in the U.S. like Cheerios, Dorito’s and Coke, but the Coke is flatter than what we have in the U.S.  We’ve tried twice to buy mozzerella cheese and once it was shredded parmesan and once it was a white melting cheese but both worked out just fine with what we were making. They have either white or pink toilet paper and of course I buy the pink! They also sell loaf bread but it doesn’t come with the end pieces. We were a little nervous buying the laundry detergent because it is packed in tiny packs like dishwasher packets, but we think we got the right one and it smells way too good to be used on dishes.  All the food and other items are a little bit more expensive but much healthier for you and it tastes better too. We go to the grocery store about every two or three days because we can’t carry a weeks worth of groceries home without the car and all the milk and juices only last three days. The refrigerator is a good bit smaller and the freezer is also extremely small, about 8 inches tall and not very deep, and doesn’t hold much. They also eat horse meat here so we have to be sure our ground beef says “pur boeuf.” There are so many neat things we can’t wait to try, but maybe not the horse!