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Before our move, my good friend Ashley Landers, gave me a book called, “My Life in France” by Julia Child (Thanks Ashley!). I read it in just a few days and it got me excited to cook a good French meal.  I decided on Beef Stroganoff, which I assume is French, since it is one of Julia Childs cookbooks. So Brooklyn and I went to La Boucherie (Butcher Shop) to get the beef tenderloin it called for. The day before I looked up beef tenderloin in French and it said it was “filet.” When I get to the butcher shop I was the only one there and say in my baby French, “Je voudrais une kilo beef tenderloin ou filet.” (I would like 2.2 pounds of beef tenderloin or filet) At least that is what I think I was saying.  The butcher has no idea what I am asking for and at this point five people get in line behind me! So I say, “Quelquechose pour boeuf stroganov?” (Something for beef stroganoff.) and he gives me something. It must be filet mignon because it cost 23 euros (roughly 30 U.S. dollars.) He says something while it is on the scale, I assume something about the weight being ok so I say, “Oui.” And so they wrap whatever it is I bought and I pay for it and leave. I was obviously too embarrased to take pictures of the butcher shop.

We finally took Brooklyn to the park with the carousel and she rode four times on four different cars/animals. Each time the carousel starts they have a bear that has a bundle of strings attached (le pompon) that they pull up and down and the kids try to grab the strings. If you grab the strings you get a free ride on the carousel. Brooklyn was interested in the bear but didn’t quite grasp grabbing the bundle of strings. Someone gave her the bundle of strings once so she got a free ride.