Brooklyn showing off her jumping skills!

Brooklyn showing off her jumping skills!

1.Even when it is hot outstide, the French still have on trench coats, sweatshirts, and wool jackets. Even in buildings when it is warm, they still keep on the jackets. I don’t like the cold and would rather be warm but even I don’t know how they do it.

2. They like American music and we rock out to rap songs playing overhead at the Simply Market. We wonder if the geriatric crowd realizes what the rap songs mean?

3. We have heard horror stories about how mean the French are but all the French people we have encountered have been so nice. We think the French are so nice,  especially after Michael locked us outside our apartment yesterday and one of the neighbors let me and Brooklyn wait in their apartment while Michael tried to get us back in our apartment. They even gave Brooklyn some du pain, petite gateau, and gateau. (Bread, cookies, and cake.) Another neighbor was able to break into our apartment with an X-Ray, but we still had to pay $53 Euro ($70 U.S.) when the locksmith showed up!

4. The fresh food and the walking lifestyle is good for the French. I would say 90-95% of people here are thin…I am one of the big girls here. This fact makes it very easy for me to stick to eating good and exercising! 🙂 It seems like most of the French smoke which seems counter productive to their healthy lifestyle.

5. The French are crazy drivers. The drive so fast even in the city and when someone crosses the road they zip past them when they are a foot or two away from the car. You don’t mess around in the crosswalks here!

6. The French dress to impress. The women wear skinny jeans and a cute top with one of those layered round scarfs. You never see tennis shoes and my French teacher said only the lower class wear tennis shoes.

7. It is very safe here. It is not unusual to see kids as young as 8 or 9 walking around the city by themselves and kids walking home for lunch and from school. (Kids in school here come home for 2 hours at lunchtime.)

8. The weather is fantastic and it seems to be without humidity. We can walk around all day and not stink and we can open windows and doors and the house doesn’t feel muggy. We also don’t get bugs when the windows and doors are open.

9. The pillows here are weird and uncomfortable. It is one long round pillow about the roundness of a soccer ball. It is just one pillow and stretches all the way across the head of the bed. We had to go to Auchan (French version of Wal-Mart) and get me a flat pillow. And yes, I hate Auchan as much as I hate Wal-Mart. I hope to never go back…

10. Michael and I can hardly speak English anymore. It’s like our brain is always searching for words regardless of the language. We also can’t spell anymore. Some of the words in English and French are similar but spelled different and it messes us up and we can’t remember which way to spell it!