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Yay! It’s Friday! We are still waiting on the French to tell us if we get the “Crappy” apartment. We went in on Tuesday and filled out a form that asked for our name, occupation, and income and yeah, that’s about it. Apparently, there is a run on crappy apartments with red carpet, Native Indian backsplashes, and yellow tie-dyed walls. Snort. God, I can’t wait to get in there with a flamethrower and a sledgehammer. We can’t wait to finally get settled and have all our belongings.  We aren’t sure if Brooklyn is going through toy withdrawals, terrible two’s, or still getting used to the time change but that girl can be fussy! When we ask her to do something she runs and hides and laughs at us. If we ask her to clean up she says, “No way!” In retrospect, me teaching her to say, “No way Jose!” probably wasn’t a good idea. She would only say, “No way Mommy!” anyway. She never wanted anything to do with this Jose person. Needless to say, daily time-outs have been implemented into the little ones daily schedule.  We really can’t complain, she still is better behaved than pretty much every kid we’ve ever seen. She still takes her naps and goes to bed at night without incident. Although we sometimes give in when she says, “One more time” before we herd her off to bed. I’ll bet it is easier to herd cats. At this point I feel I should apologize to my mom for being such a horrible kid. Sorry Mom! This must be payback.

The Beef Stroganoff turned out great! Although Julia Childs did forgot to keep her Southern cohorts in mind when making this dish. We need gravy and extra gravy! Next time I make it I will double the sauce and cut the meat by about 1/2-2/3’s. Madame Julia must have chugged bottles of Miralax on a daily basis to be able to eat that much beef! Bon Appetit!

Today we went to a new park near our temporary apartment. It has a neat playground in it, but we have yet to see a swing. Brooklyn keeps asking to go “Wee” but there are no swings to be found. None. Anywhere. I’m going to have to beg someone to mail or bring one of those pink Tiny Tikes swings and have Michael stick it up in a doorway. Seriously. Any takers? We went by the La Patisserie on the way to the park and Brooklyn was asking for a Pig Cake (Petite Cochon) so I told her we would get one on the way back. When we went back they didn’t have any, but they had penguin cakes! Brooklyn felt this was an appropriate trade off since she really liked the penguins at the Georgia Aquarium, so all is well. After Brooklyn went to take her nap I tasted the penguin, purely for research purposes I assure you, and it was really good! It has some kind of cake and chocolate on the inside. The chocolate on the inside is the best! It looks hard but it is soft when you bite into it and oh so creamy! Brooklyn said, “Mmmmmm….Good Cake! The closest thing I can compare it to is a chocolate éclair. Ooh La La!