We currently have 9 days left on our rental car and Michael has been frantically looking for a car for us. We went and looked at silver 2007 BMW 118 Diesel. It gets about 40 miles to the gallon. It’s in good condition and has 65,000 miles (100,000 kilometers). It looks like a cross between a hatchback and a station wagon, which are both on my Top 10 List of Ugly Cars. The only car that could be worse would be a mini-van. (I will NEVER own a mini-van! NEVER! I will never wave that white flag that says. “I give up. I no longer care.” Next thing you know I will be wearing zebra pajama pants and eating cheeseballs in the carpool line yelling at Brooklyn to get her tail in the car so we can get home in time to watch Honey Boo Boo Child. And no, I’ve never watched it. Just watching the preview made me throw up in my mouth a little.) The people selling the car were very nice and thank goodness the guy spoke a little English. They even invited us in for a “petite café.” It is a very big deal in France to be invited in for coffee so we felt honored. Their coffees are very small and very good! I’ve never liked American coffee so was very surprised to like this one. I had prepared myself to force down a cup of coffee without throwing up but this was definitely not the case. They served the coffee with sugar cubes and cookies. And yes, I totally asked to take a picture. We told them we will buy the car and are supposed to buy it this week after they have the brakes and the oil changed.

On Saturday, we came across a Farmer’s Market right by the apartment and wandered through. There were lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and tons of people waiting in line. All we bought was a slice of cheesecake but now that we know the Farmer’s Market is there, we may wait to get some of our vegetables there. We went to Centre Jaude, the French mall, and went window licking. (That is no typo, the French say window licking.) We found lots of neat stores and one that I want to decorate the whole apartment from. It is a like a Parisian French Chic type store. Think chandeliers, ruffles, and awesomeness.

Today, we walked down to Clermont-Ferrand as we headed to the park. We stopped and got some macaroons on the way. French macaroons are nothing like American macaroons though. Macaroons here come in all sorts of flavors and are so good. They remind me a little bit of a tiny moon pie. There is a thin hard layer on the outside of the macaroon and the inside is very gooey and kind of crunchy at the same time with a filling in the middle. A very interesting combination to bite into and so yummy! We made our way to the park and let Brooklyn ride the carousel twice. When we pried her tiny fingers off the helicopter she was crying, “One more time!” The good thing about Brooklyn is she bounces back from being upset fast. At this point the storm clouds start rolling in and we start making our way home. Very fastly. But not fast enough because it starts raining and we have no umbrella. It’s at this point that I regret my decision to leave the umbrella at home because it looked nice outside. I forget that the mountain volcano can hide the weather. It’s about a 30 minute walk from the park to our apartment which is all uphill. Did I mention Clermont-Ferrand is built on a dormant volcano? By the time we got home we were soaked! By the time we dried off it stopped raining. Figures. At least Brooklyn had fun playing in the rain.

The last picture in the gallery is of Brooklyn shaking her hips in front of her mirror. The other day while I was cooking, she pulled me in the living room to dance to the “Gangnam Style” song with her. Let’s hope she actually has some rhythm, unlike her parents.

I think some people are having a hard time seeing the slideshows so I’m going to try a gallery this time to give the non-computer savvy folk time to straighten out their computers. This means you Mom! Xoxo! And I know she isn’t the only one. You know who you are. 😉