Brooklyn at the library.We seriously can’t get over how our clothes never stink here. I’m embarrassed to admit I wore the same pants and shirt on three separate occasions, in which we always walked around town after dinner, and they still don’t smell. I wondered if I just couldn’t smell my own B.O. so I had Michael give me a sniff. He even did an armpit sniff and my clothes still smell like they came out of the dryer. I’m not sure if the laundry detergent smell stays in the clothes longer or what, but this is weird. Like Bermuda Triangle weird. I also went jogging last night in the same outfit and got nice and sweaty. When I got home and cooled off I made Michael do the smell test again and I still smell like freshly laundered clothes! We must be in some weird alternate universe here. Just so you know, I do plan on washing this outfit this time. Even though they smell fine, I did sweat in them. Don’t judge, you know you’ve done it too.

Nice to meet you, how about a kiss? I am very intrigued by the French air kisses called “bisous.” Michael told me a story about it at work. It is French custom to shake everyone’s hand that you work with each day. Everyone. That’s like 50 handshakes every day! There is one woman that works with Michael and in French culture it is usually the woman who usually decides if she wants to give bisous or not. This woman came into the room of about 6 and only gave bisous to one of the guys. The others got nothing. Not even a handshake. Zilch. Nada. Can you imagine if something like this were to happen in the U.S.? In my head it sounds something like this:

A group of women are standing together and talking. Candy enters the room.

Candy: Hey Barbie! (Shakes hand)

Barbie: Hi Darling! So good to see you! (Shakes hand)

Buffie: OMG! No she didn’t. She’s as fake as her tan.

Honey: Really?! She’s gonna walk in here and only shake one person’s hand?

Muffy: God, I hate this troll. She totally ratchet.

Coco: What a cow. What until I tell everyone in the car line what she did.

So I ask Michael, “Was the guy she gave bisous to the best looking guy in the room?” Michael said, “No, because I was in there.” Ha ha. My husband the comedian.