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Our container of belongings from the U.S. arrived today. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to use the cool elevator thing and bring things in through the balcony.  More unfortunately, they had to carry the majority of our stuff up 8 flights of stairs! The first thing they brought up was the sofa and they looked like that had just come in from the rain they were sweating so hard! We felt so bad for them! The elevator is so small (roughly 4’ by 4’) that only the smaller boxes would fit, but they were able to use the elevator a little. We were able to get a lot of the boxes unpacked today and it shouldn’t take but another few days to do the rest. Now that I see how big the kitchen is, I wish I would have brought more of my baking supplies. Brooklyn was absolutely ecstatic to have all her toys. Every time we would open a new box she would squeal, “My toys!” She was happiest to play with her dollhouse and her baby stroller.

We met with the contractor who is going to do the renovations to the apartment. He took a bunch of measurements and we are going to meet him at the French Home Depot type store tomorrow to start getting supplies. Hopefully, the renovations will only take about two weeks. He is going to start with painting the walls first. The landlord has decided to paint and maybe do a little work in the kitchen, so we are going to wait and see what they do before we do any work in the kitchen.

The bank transfer finally went through so we got the BMW tonight. We also finally found our parking spot to put it in. They told us it was the #4 spot and we tried to find it last night and couldn’t find numbers on anything! So we had the agent meet us out there and then we saw the number by the space! But to be fair it was dark when we looked for it and the number painted on the pavement is about 4 inches tall. 🙂 The garages for apartments here have to be opened with a remote to keep all the cars safe and so people who don’t live in the building won’t park there. Once you get inside there are either garage spots with doors or spots out in the open air. We have one out in the open air, but at least we have a parking spot.

And we saved the best news for last! Our house in Fountain Inn sold yesterday! Yay! That means we get a bonus since our house sold within 3 months of listing and Michelin doesn’t have to buy it.