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Halleluiah! We have internet! I can finally check email, Facebook, and post on my blog!

I thought you all might like to see some more about our apartment. It still amazes me that we are living downtown in a huge city and living in an apartment. It is so quick and easy to go out to anywhere! I love that you have to “buzz” people in if someone comes over. One of the pictures is of our floor but it was hard to get it all in the picture. Two of the three doors belong to our apartment.

Our bedroom is done and we love the gray color on the walls. We also love being able to see the views from our bed. The contractor also painted the balcony outside our bedroom so it looks new and fresh. I added some pictures of the views from the balcony outside our room. I feel like I’m on vacation with a view like that outside our window. Oh wait…that’s right, I am on vacation! Just a semi-permanent one!

Our living room is set up and we finally have a TV. Michael ordered us a special DVD player from the US that will play movies from the US and France. All the DVD players here will only play French DVDs. Michael is still in the process of hooking up our cable and telephone.  We did a collage of pictures on one wall in our living room that we are still deciding if we like it. We think we do. We aren’t sure what to do with the big wall behind the TV. Any suggestions? We also plan to get a rug for the living room but having made our way to a rug store yet.

Brooklyn’s room is done and is beautiful! She is one spoiled little girl! We had her room painted a very soft pink and she has beautiful tray ceiling in her room and we added a chandelier. The hardwood floors were put in her room and they look so much better than the blue carpet that was in there before. She also has the best and newest closet in her room. I am very jealous. I included a picture of the view outside her window.

We are still arranging the spare bedroom and I will post pictures of that soon. The landlord is paying to have the kitchen repaired and painted and we think they are coming next week. We aren’t sure if they are just coming to look or to actually do the work but we shall see. The landlord has asked that we not remove the backsplash because it was very expensive as it was done by an artist. Snort…I guess anyone can call themselves an artist. I’m pretty sure Brooklyn could have done a better job than that. We had the contractor cut sheets of gray sheet metal to cover up the tile. It looks much better!

We are finally getting settled in and are just enjoying the city and all it has to offer! We are now ready for visitors! 🙂