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We are still enjoying all the good foods and found a really good pizza place where our temporary apartment was. It is called Cham’Pizza and is an oven fired pizza that only takes 3 minutes! They don’t have pepperoni here in France, but they have something similar called chorizo. The pieces or chorizo are much bigger and they have a little bit of a ham flavor to them. We think this is the best pizza ever! They do have a Domino’s and a Pizza Hut here, but we haven’t tried either of them yet. We don’t really see the need to try them since the Cham’Pizza is the best! We are still trying new desserts from the Patisseries and find really good ones all the time. Our favorite thing lately is a hard meringue that melts on your tongue. Yum!

Almost every restaurant delivers and has mopeds for delivery. The moped drivers are crazy and will pass you in the middle of two lanes of traffic and when you come to a stop light, they will drive up the middle to get to the front of the line.  We can’t speak enough French to be able to order takeout, so we have to walk to pick up dinner if we want something quick.

There are lots of fountains here that are not only beautiful, but practical too. Some of them you can get the water from to drink and the water comes from springs in the mountains. If you can drink from it is has a picture of a blue cup and if you can’t the blue cup has a line through it. Easy enough to understand. We aren’t sure if we want to drink from them or not and have never seen anyone drink from them. Maybe more people drink from them in the summer. A lot of the apartments here have water that comes from the springs so the water is tastes very good. Our temporary apartment when we first got here did, but we don’t think our new apartment does, but maybe it doesn’t taste as good because of the old pipes in the building.

Brooklyn is settling in really well and finally starting to eat a little better and to grow! She can finally fit in some 2T winter clothes that she has. We have to bribe her to eat her vegetables, but she will usually eat them. Right now bribing her to go to the park, play with her Hello Kitty Stamps, Paint, or have a Hello Kitty Tea Party with water works well. We have been having lots of tea parties. I taught her to say “clink” when we tap our tea cups together. It is very cute! Her latest thing is to be a princess. When we tell her to be a princess, she holds the side of her bed so she can lift her leg like a ballerina and she closes her eyes and gives us a small smile. We aren’t sure where she got it from, but it is really adorable. If any of you have had the pleasure of meeting Brooklyn’s favorite baby, also called “Baby,” you know first, we aren’t creative enough to have given her a real name and second, you will know how dirty she is. I told Brooklyn that Baby needed a shower, so we took Baby in the shower so Brooklyn could wash her. Brooklyn was so excited to do this and was so proud to wash Baby and put her in a towel and dry her off. It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!