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Michael had to work on Thanksgiving Day, since it isn’t a holiday here, but I still made Thanksgiving dinner. They don’t have turkey’s here, or we haven’t seen any, so we had a roast chicken. I had to look up how to make homemade stuffing and it was actually easy. Michael said it was the best stuffing he has ever had! What a compliment! Truth be told, I’d still rather have Stovetop stuffing from a box! 🙂 We also had homemade mashed potatoes, homemade chicken gravy, and fresh green beans. Yum! For dessert I got an awesome cake with fresh fruit from a Patisserie. It is one of Michael’s favorites.

We ate lunch today at a new restaurant that has sandwiches like paninis and kebabs. There are a lot of these kinds of restaurants around and they carve the meat right in front of you from a huge hunk of meat. I got a steak panini and Michael got a lamb sandwich. Our sandwiches tasted similar and I asked if mine was beouf (beef) or mutton (lamb) and we think he said 60% beef and 40% lamb. We didn’t ask if Michael’s was all lamb. Both sandwiches were fantastic and the guy was really nice! We will definitely go back there again.