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We finally ate at our first French restaurant today. I can’t believe we have been here for two months and haven’t eaten a true French meal! The French eat really late here and most restaurants don’t open until 7 and most are not kid friendly. We got to the restaurant, L’Oustagou, at 7:30 and we were the first ones there. The restaurant has three floors and we ate on the third floor. L’Oustagou specializes in having the local foods from the Auvergne region that we live in. (A region in France is similar to a state in the U.S.) Michael’s meal came with an appetizer of some slices of ham, other dried meats, and a duck mixture that they pronounced like “Fritto.” The duck mixture, that is pie shaped in the picture, tasted really good and reminded me a little of turkey liver.  It had little things that looked like hairs in it, but we still ate it! And liked it! The waitress spoke a little English and we asked her what parts of the duck the “Fritto” was made from, but she said that she didn’t know. We figure she didn’t want to tell us what parts it came from! It’s probably better not to know anyway. Michael’s main dish was a potato and cheese mixture and more meats. He didn’t realize the meats would be a part of the appetizer and the main dish. For dessert, Michael got a Crème Brule that was absolutely wonderful! My meal was something called long beef and lentils. The beef had better flavor than a steak, but was a little tougher. It looks very different from what you would get in the U.S. but it was very good! I had never had lentils before, but they had a really good flavor and I enjoyed them. For dessert I got three scoops of ice cream, Mirabelle (what they call an orange plum. It tastes similar to a clementine), Caramel, and vanilla, with Chantilly on top. The Chantilly, a thick, sweet whip cream, was my favorite part of the dessert!

We think L’Oustagaou was a good place to enjoy our first French meal. What people say about French meals taking a long time is true. We were the first ones there and got quick service, but it still took two hours to eat our dinner, but we enjoyed every second of it! Date nights are awesome! And especially when we are in France!