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We’ve been thinking about piercing Brooklyn’s ears for a while and finally had it done today. For the past few days, we’ve been talking to Brooklyn about getting her ears pierced and told her that it would hurt for a minute, but then she would be able to wear earrings like Mommy. Even after being told it would hurt, she still was excited to get her ears pierced. (She told a friend today that she was getting her ears pierced, but that it would only hurt for a minute. She is just too cute!) We found a really nice jewelry store in Clermont-Ferrand that pierces children’s ears and they told us that we needed to go to a pharmacy and get some numbing cream to put on her ears an hour before they pierced her ears. We went to two pharmacies, both of which had at least 15 people in line ahead of us, and both said that we needed a prescription. The third one let us buy it and of course there was no one in line.  So we finally make our way back to the jewelry store and we put Brooklyn in the chair and the lady drew dots on her ear lobes where she was going to pierce them. We were very nervous at this point. The lady pierced the first ear and………..nothing! We gave her a special reindeer cake and told her if she would let the lady pierce the other ear, she could have a Santa one too. Brooklyn pointed to her ear and said, “Do the other one.” So the lady pierced the other one and she got her Santa cake! Our brave little girl never shed a tear and just wanted to admire her new earrings in the mirror! She hasn’t acted like her ears hurt her at all and went to bed perfectly.

As the holidays approached, I was sad that we wouldn’t be spending Christmas in Fountain Inn because they do so many special things, but we have been pleasantly surprised with Christmas in Clermont-Ferrand. They have put up so many lights around the city and it is so beautiful at night. The shops all decorate the windows for Christmas and put Christmas trees or Christmas arrangements at the entrance of the doors. Vendors set up and sell clothes, food, and balloons (Brooklyn got a pony one!). They have parades, train rides throughout the city, and put up a carousel and ferris wheel in the town square. We are going to take Brooklyn to see Pere Noel (Santa Claus) tomorrow at the mall and try to bribe her to have her picture taken with him. We told her if she will sit on Santa’s lap to take a picture, we will let her ride the ferris wheel, carousel, and get an ice cream cone. She keeps saying no, but she wasn’t too scared to take candy from him when we saw him at the mall the other night! Tomorrow just might be an interesting day! 🙂