Today is the day we took Brooklyn to the mall to meet Pere Noel (Santa). On the way we told her that if she would sit on Santa’s lap, we would take her to ride the Ferris Wheel, the Carousel, and get her an ice cream cone, but she kept saying, “No.” The minute Santa comes into sight Brooklyn starts squirming in her seat and fussing and saying, “No!” and “I don’t like it!” Michael is looking at me and shaking his head and saying, “Let’s just go.” But I’m determined so I take her out of the stroller. I go ahead and give her a chocolate reindeer sucker I bought her from the Chocolatier to distract her. While the photographer is printing pictures for another family I walk Brooklyn over by Santa. He says something to her and points at her sucker. I tell her that Santa likes her sucker and she looks at him. He realizes we speak English and he says in English, “Can I have a bite of your sucker?” Brooklyn then sticks it towards him and he pretends to take a bite. Yeah, the same kid who practically screams at the sight of Santa is willing to share a bite of her sucker with him. I guess they bonded over candy. At this point Brooklyn reaches for Santa and I tell her to tell him what she wants for Christmas. She tells him she wants a My Little Pony and a Barbie. Brooklyn is still eating her sucker so the first few pictures the photographer takes is of Brooklyn with chocolate brown teeth! I talked Brooklyn into letting me hold the sucker for a minute and we finally got a picture with cleaner teeth!