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The last few weeks have been some busy ones! Brooklyn and Michael were both sick. Brooklyn threw up for the first time ever and it was traumatic for her and us! She was so scared when she was sick and it just broke our hearts. Luckily, it only lasted for a few hours, she slept soundly that night, and was back to her normal self the next day. Michael had a pretty bad cold that lasted for a week and a half. Somehow, knock on wood, I managed not to get either. It must have been all those years of teaching that built up my immunity.

I went out with two girlfriends to a restaurant called the Venetian one night and we had lots of fun and ate way too much! I had an appetizer of smoked meats, an entrée of veal and noodles, and dessert that I can best describe as three large éclairs with ice cream in the middle and lots of chantilly (French whipped cream). The French don’t really do doggie bags here, one reason being the portions are usually normal sized, but I was lucky to get to take home my leftovers.

Brooklyn got invited to a birthday party and had lots of fun playing with the other kids and of course the cake. She also got to take home a fun goodie bag that she played with for days.

Tonight, we went the Christmas Village by the cathedral and ate Truffade that one of the vendors was cooking and selling. It is a very popular French dish here that is basically chopped potatoes and cheese and it is very good. We also got a sausage with it that was the best sausage I’ve ever eaten!

We are getting excited about Christmas. Brooklyn has been very patiently waiting for Christmas and we keep telling her it is getting close so she is very excited.  She did open an early present from my Mom that was matching outfits for her and her baby. She thought that her baby getting a new outfit was the coolest thing ever! When I was little we always opened one gift on Christmas Eve that was always a pair of pajamas and we do that with Brooklyn too. It’s always nice to have on new pajamas for Christmas morning pictures and it’s fun to open one early! Brooklyn is certainly excited to get to open one tomorrow!