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On Christmas Eve we drove two hours to a town called Le Puy-en-Velay. They have a church built on a mountain that we have wanted to see. We weren’t sure if anything was going to be open since it was Christmas Eve, but there were people everywhere. They had a small fair and vendors set up and we let Brooklyn ride the children’s train. She, of course, rode the Hello Kitty car. We took her to go down the inflatable slide, but they said she was too young (Silly since she’s been going on them for year or more!). She frowned and her chin puckered, which she hasn’t done since she was tiny, and it was so sad that we let her ride the train again. They did the dangling yarn toy thing that they do at the carousel near our apartment. If you catch it, you get to ride again for free. I guess the guy though Brooklyn was adorable because he kept trying to get her to catch it, but she never could, so he just tossed one to her. It dropped to her feet and she couldn’t reach it because of her seatbelt and was upset so we could hear her squeaking all the way around the track!

We wandered around heading in the general direction of the church, climbing hills and lots of steps. Brooklyn didn’t mind all the walking because she met a very friendly cat that she got to pet. We kept walking around and found the church, Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe Chapel, and hiked up the stairs to the top. The stair steps were taller than normal, so it was really tiring! Michael was pretty tired having to carry Brooklyn all the way to the top! It is a very small church, but very neat to see and had amazing views. They don’t do service there anymore but people go to light candles and to pray. I can’t imagine them every having service there because it was so hard to climb. Both Michael and I have sore calf muscles today and I can’t even imagine the elderly trying to climb all those stairs.

We wanted to get something to eat before we left since you can’t find fast food restaurants, so we walked around the streets to find someone serving food. All the bars and many restaurants were open but they all said they were only serving drinks. We walked around some more and saw a Butcher shop that also sells food that they make. We got a roll that had sausage in it, some kind of duck pot pie, venison, and a pastry stuffed with veal. It was all really neat to taste and I was just glad to find something to eat! Make sure you look at the pictures closely and check out the pig and the chicken with its head still attached. Brooklyn asked what the chicken was and Michael told her that is was a chicken and she said, “I don’t like it!” Well, I don’t blame her. That is one French thing I will never do! I will never cut off a chickens head, dead or alive!