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Christmas was wonderful and it was so much fun watching Brooklyn open presents. She would open the wrapped present and then toss the present on the ground and go for the next one. She would have been happy just opening a bunch of wrapped boxes! She was so sweet and when she picked up a gift for one of us, she would bring it to us without complaint. She even did an easy scavenger hunt to find one of her presents, which we put on her bed after she woke up. She must have recognized the bag because she knew her new baby doll was in it. I guess we won’t be able to shop for her Christmas presents when she is with us anymore. When she was done opening all the presents, she decided it was time to play with all the toys. Her favorites from us are her Hello Kitty Pots and Pans Cooking Set, Her Barbie Horse and Horse Trailer, and her Hello Kitty motorcycle.  Michael got me the most awesome pair of pajamas and all poor Michael got was a pair of dinosaur pajamas! Seriously, I went shopping alone and we went shopping together and this was the best I could do!

We went with the French tradition of getting a yule log cake.  The tradition started around the 12th century.  After cutting a Christmas tree and a log from the tree and bringing them home, the French would circle the room three times and the log was placed in the fireplace. A glass of wine along with oil and salt was poured over the log. Prayers were offered and Christmas songs were sung and the log was lit. In some families, the young girls of the house lite the log with splinters from the preceding year and in other families, the mother did this. It was said that the cinders of this log could protect the house from lightning and the powers of the devil. Today, the French celebrate with a cake shaped, and sometimes decorated, like a log. Unfortunately, we ate half the log before we remembered to take a picture, but I think you get the idea! 🙂