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The French have a neat tradition called “Le galette des rois,” which translates to The King’s Cake. It is usually served at Epiphany (When Baby Jesus was presented to the Three Wise Men, on 6 January, but the patisseries have them for a few days  longer than just January 6th. The King’s Cake is a puff pastry cake with a “fève” ( hidden charm) inside.  The pastry is usually filled with frangipane, a cream made from sweet almonds, butter, eggs and sugar. Whoever gets the hidden charm gets the crown and gets something like good health for the year. We cut ours in three pieces and Brooklyn was the lucky one who got the charm, the crown, and good health for the year! I have to say the pastry is way better than it looks. Usually my requirements in getting a pastry is that one ingredient must be chocolate! And our hidden charm is called a “Celebridols” and it ended up being what we think is Lenny Kravitz!

Be sure to check out the picture of Brooklyn in the black sweater and knit shorts. It is her first French outfit. All the little girls, and many of the adults, wear cuffed knit shorts and tights. Too cute! The French adults and children mostly wear black and gray so we, of course, had to add some pink!

Today we went to Massillon Ensemble Scolaire International School to tour the school and meet the teacher before Brooklyn starts next week. She will go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:30 -11:30. I get to walk my sweet baby to school in her little backpack.  Our sweet baby was not on her best behavior and yelled at one of the ladies “Don’t talk to me!” and said to her teacher “Don’t touch me!” I’ll bet they are shaking in their boots thinking what a horror this one is going to be! Hopefully this is a phase and hopefully this phase passes quickly. After touring the school I asked her if she wants to go to school on Monday and she said, “Please!” So I guess we will be school supply shopping this weekend and trying not to cry because my baby is starting school way earlier than she would in the U.S. and way earlier than I had planned before we moved to France. Parents of kids, please be honest and tell me by commenting on this post if this atrocious behavior is normal or tell me if this child is going to grow up to be a terror or tell me stories of your own atrocious children. I’m strong, I can handle the truth. And mom, keep your comments about me as a kid to yourself. 🙂