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When Brooklyn woke up this morning I asked her if she wanted to go school supply shopping so she could start school on Monday. She said, “I’m sorry Mommy. Maybe tomorrow.”  Where does she get this stuff!? So we went school supply shopping and three stores later we found everything on “The List.” The French must be fiercely serious about education, because I can’t believe some of the things Brooklyn needed, and what it is going to be used for. I mean she’s two years old! Here is the “The List” and a note to the teacher that I will never send:

– 4 identity photos (I’m good with this; I’d like you not to lose her.  Even though it took three tries (and also the last try we would get without spending another 5 euros) with the photo booth to get this picture.  Who knew that after you push the “take photo” button, that two seconds later the screen would go black, two more seconds for the beeping to start, and two more seconds for it to actually take the picture. All while holding Brooklyn off the bench so her head stays in the circle that is at adult height and that disappeared when the screen turned black, us repeatedly telling her to say cheese, and us trying to stay out of the picture. My sleeve made it in the picture, and you’d better not have a problem with that. We aren’t going through that again. After all this, you better not lose her. Ever.)

– Snack box (Try to keep the food off her clothes please. I brought her beautiful clothes, with actual color, all the way from the U.S. I had been pre-warned about the French children’s clothes being black and gray. No offense, us Americans just like some color. And did you see my last post? I did buy her one of those black and gray outfits.)

– Kleenex (Sure, why not try to contain some germs, though I am under no illusion that it will keep my baby from getting sick from the other disgusting kids.)

– Baby Wipes (See above.)

– Glue Stick (Good Luck and have fun teaching Brooklyn to use glue. You’d better tell her first thing that glue is not “makeups.”)

– Small notebook with plastic cover and 48 pages. (You French are very specific in what you want. I like that.)

– Large notebook with plastic cover and 96 pages and 24x32cm. (Is this for Brooklyn’s essays? Because I must warn you no matter how many times I show her the letter “A” and draw it for her and have her trace it, she still says it is the letter “D.” Maybe you will have more luck than me even though, I too, have a teaching degree.)

– Binder that is 3 inches. (Is this for all the essays and homework? I guess it is never too early to learn organizational skills.)

– Artwork folder with elastic that is 36.5×51.5cm. (I’m happy to supply this one even though it took us three stores to find this almost non-existent size. I can’t wait for Brooklyn to bring home artwork!)

– 1 Pack of Canson brand white specialty paper 24x32cm. (Even though this cost me 50 cents a sheet, I am happy to supply it if Brooklyn brings home artwork.)

– Bookbag (You assume I don’t already have this? We have three monogrammed sets of bookbags and matching lunchboxes just waiting to be in some cute photos with Brooklyn on my blog. Just please don’t lose them.)

– Apron with long sleeves (Even though I know my child will come home with stained and destroyed clothes, I will provide you with this so you can show the illusion that you care about the condition of Brooklyn’s clothes. Of course, I guess you probably have enough to do without worrying about the Brooklyn’s clothes.)

– Hard Plastic Cup (Okay, even though I saw that you keep the classes cups all jumbled together in a giant heap. I doubt you dry them before throwing them all in the bin letting the germy water drip into the other cups.)

– Envelope addressed to parents (Okay, but you’d better send me something cool.)

– Put all in large plastic bag. (Uh-oh, you didn’t specify size or brand. You’d better be happy with what you get.)

– Label everything (I know you will still lose her stuff, but I will still spend 2 hours tonight labeling everything on “The List.”)

We ate lunch today at Quick, which tastes just like McDonalds, because they have a Foie Gras burger. Only in France can you get a Burger with Duck Liver. The picture looked pretty good, but I knew the burger would be nothing like the picture and it wasn’t. At all. I’m glad my expectations were not high to begin with. The burger was okay, but I wouldn’t want to order it again.

Yesterday, we ate at the No. 3 Pizzeria. Their mascot is Pinnochio, which I think is an interesting choice.  Is it because they lie to their customers?  Is it because the owner has an unhealthy obsession with puppets?  Is that so called “Duck Salad” we ordered really horse meat? Yes, they really eat horse here. (Don’t worry Destiny and Molly, we won’t intentionally eat the horse meat.)  Whether it was horse or duck, it was really good and even Brooklyn ate some of it. We also got the pizza of the day which was chorizo and when it came, it had a big cooked egg in the center. We have seen egg on pizza on some menus, but had never ordered it, but it was actually good. Not so good that I think I would order it again on a pizza, not because it wasn’t good, just because I can’t wrap my head around egg on pizza. And of course, no day is complete without a stop in the Patisserie for some sweets!