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Today was Brooklyn’s first day of school and she was very excited! While I was getting ready Brooklyn said, “My tummy hurts today.” First day of school and already saying she is sick! Too funny! She wasn’t really sick, just hungry, so she ate breakfast and off to school we went.

It takes me 20 minutes each way to walk Brooklyn to school, so I will get 80 minutes of exercise four days a week. This means I don’t have to exercise anymore, right? And it sure is exercise because it is up and down hills. Phew! I was sweating by the time I got to school, even though it is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was sleeting/snowing on the way to school.

When we got to school I put her bookbag and her snack in the appropriate bins and took her to the classroom.  She was still a little leery of the teacher but went right in to play, which was nice, because it didn’t break my heart as much to leave her there.  This school is not a preschool where they just let the kids play. Brooklyn’s class has exercise time in the exercise room and also does lots of learning activities, crafts, and of course, some playtime. And I forgot to say the other day that Brooklyn’s class is taught entirely in French. Maybe now she can come home and teach us some new words.

I was so excited to pick Brooklyn up because I missed my baby so much! The little ones get picked up in the cafeteria and they are all ready to go with their jackets and their book bags on.  She was very happy to see me and I asked her if she had fun at school and she said, “Yes” and smiled. She didn’t eat her snack at school today, which I thought was weird, but I guess she was just too excited to eat. She was asking for her snack before we left the school grounds. And if you are wondering why I didn’t ask the teacher about her snack, it is because the teacher speaks mostly French and it is too much trouble to ask and understand what she says! Brooklyn also told me her friend got a boo boo, she bonked heads with a kid, and some kids pushed her at snack time. Ha ha! All the stories I am sure to get when she comes home from school. When we got home I asked her if she wanted to go back to school tomorrow and she said, “Yes, please!”