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Yesterday, we went to Le Grand Cirque de St. Petersbourg. It was really neat getting to go to a European circus because it was a little bit different from American ones. One of the big differences is that the circus is really under the big top, which means it was also very cold.  It had a much smaller performing area and there were less seats but everyone got a good view. No nosebleed sections like at the Bi-Lo center.  We sat on the second row so we saw everything up close.

Brooklyn asked for some “popcorns,” so we all decided we would share some.  We were expecting regular American popcorn, but this was sweet popcorn, not salty at all. It wasn’t what we were expecting but it was still very good.

They had pony rides while we waited for showtime and I must have asked Brooklyn a million times if she wanted to ride the pony but she kept saying no. Then out of the blue, she said she wanted to ride the “baby one.”  So she rode the pony by herself like a big girl. When she came back one of her new boots was all wet on the fur and the top of the boot and I wrinkled my nose and said, “Eww….what is that?” Brooklyn looked at her boot and said, “Ahhh!” and made me wipe it off before she would calm down. Michael said the pony beside hers must have slobbered on her boot. Eww.

We had a few favorite parts of the circus. One was the elephants that came right up to us. We could have reached out and touched them, but we were all a little nervous because they were so big! All I could think about was the elephant tripping as he did his circle in front of us and falling on us.  Another was the dogs playing balloon soccer. These dogs were REALLY into this game and wanted the balloon. The dogs would pop the balloon and then eat the balloon! The announcer said someone after the doggie soccer was finished and we think he said the balloons were special ones that the dogs could eat without getting sick. I sure hope so!  Our other favorite was the kitty cats. They were so smart and walked around the rolled the baskets and would swing by their arms to get across the bar.  Brooklyn’s favorite part was also the kitty cats of course!

The circus was about two hours long and when there weren’t animals performing Brooklyn would ask, “We go home now?”