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Potty Training is not fun. We felt like Brooklyn was ready to start potty training because she would wake up from a nap with a dry diaper. Brooklyn felt otherwise and was not interested in potty training. Just when I was about to give up, I tried putting panties on her and BAM she was potty trained. She had three accidents and hasn’t had anymore, not even during naptime. Even though she was potty trained at home we were still nervous about sending her to school, because we only started potty training right before Christmas. So I was excited to pick her up from school and see that she still had the same clothes we left the house in. Now let’s fast forward to after dinner when the fun begins.

I overheard Brooklyn and Michael talking in the kitchen and this is how the conversation went:

Michael – “Did you go pee pee on the potty at school today?”

Brooklyn – “I pee peed outside today.”


Michael – “You went pee pee outside today? Brooklyn, go tell Mommy what you did today.”

Brooklyn – “Mommy, can I pee pee outside?”

I must explain. There are no bathrooms here. That might be a slight exaggeration but not by much. The stores DO NOT let you use their restrooms. The VERY few public restrooms are disgusting, not always working, and sometimes you have to pay. We have started taking Brooklyn around town in panties to see how well she can hold it. We went to the Park and planned on a walk around town afterwards. We decided it was time to leave the park to go on our walk and take her to the park bathrooms before we left. We tried the doors but they were locked! We didn’t know what else to do so we let her go pee pee on the ground. And she liked it! Later, we are walking around town, and of course there are no restrooms, and she says she has to pee pee and she wants to pee pee on the ground. We are near downtown now with all the stores on the streets and alleys but we let her pee anyway. We just chose a less used alley and let her go. There weren’t many people around and most of the stores were closed. So now when we go outside, she asks if she can pee pee on the ground. It must be fun because we see kids peeing at the park quite often and even a few adult men peeing in the bushes. During the day. And no, they aren’t homeless. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have public restrooms.

While we are on the subject of pee pee and potties I will tell you another funny story that happened at the circus. I didn’t think the subject matter went well with the circus post so I chose to exclude it yesterday. We took Brooklyn to the circus in a diaper with panties on the outside because we didn’t know if we would find restrooms or if Brooklyn could hold it that long. Just as the circus is almost over (about 3 hours since we left the house) Brooklyn says she has to go potty. We are crammed in our seats, there are no aisles, and we don’t want to try to leave our seats. We tell her to pee pee in her diaper, just this once, but she refuses. So Michael takes her to the restroom. He says the restrooms were outside in a big trailer with stairs, pulled by a truck. There was men’s side and women’s side, but when you get inside the men’s and women’s stalls are in the same room. There was rainwater coming in from the ceiling and hitting them on the head and a layer of black pee water on the floor. Michael said the stalls are 1/8th the size of normal U.S. stalls and when he gets in the stall and is holding Brooklyn he can’t fit her on the floor to pull her tights and panties downs. So he holds her in a one arm bear hug. So he is holding her with one arm and he pulls down her shorts, tights, and panties and lets her go potty. She ends up peeing on her panties because he couldn’t pull all her clothes down far enough because of her boots. He tells her to go “pat-pat” but of course there was no toilet paper in the holders. Michael goes to pull her panties up and they are soaked! Like dipped in the pool soaked. It takes him a minute to decide what to do because her panties are too wet to let her wear them. He decides to throw away the panties and goes about taking them off. He takes her boots off and balances them on the toilet seat. One falls off flat onto the floor in the nasty black pee water. (And just so you know this was the first time she wore these new boots.) Michael is still bear hugging her and took of her shorts and tights, which turn inside out as he takes them off, and holds them between his legs. He is gripping her tights and shorts between his legs and then he takes off her Hello Kitty panties and just throws them behind the toilet. At this point Brooklyn is saying, “Ow ow ow ow” and doesn’t want Michael to hold her like that anymore and Michael is cussing in English. Now Michael is wondering how he is going to hold Brooklyn and turn her tights back inside out and get them back on her while holding her in a bear hug. Somehow he gets the tights on her and then the shorts, but then had trouble getting the boots on. He didn’t know to unzip them to get her foot in easier and had her stand on the toilet to get her feet in. He finally gets her boots on, all the while rain is still dripping on their heads. While he was getting her boots on he hits his head on something hanging from the ceiling and he looks up and he sees toilet paper. Nice. He finally gets Brooklyn’s boots on and they leave the stall and looks around for a sink to wash his pee hands but there is no sink! I see him come back to the seats and he tries to figure out how to get back to his seat and some lady is telling him that she can’t see and he just waves me to get up so we can leave. I can see he is pissed, and it was encore at the end of the circus anyway, so I get up and we leave. Just take a look at the look on Michael’s face in the circus post to see how he felt after this ordeal. I’ll bet he will never take her to a restroom in public again.

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