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Well….it only lasted a day. Brooklyn said she had fun at school the first day and then cried on Tuesday when I dropped her off. It broke my heart. After that she said she didn’t want to go to school anymore. Once when I asked her if she wanted to go back to school she said, “No Mommy, maybe tomorrow.” So I had to stop “asking” her if she wanted to go to school and had to start “telling” her she is going to school. On Thursday she whined a little but was okay. Thursday was also the day the class went on a field trip to the Post Office and I went along as a chaperone. All the kids were sending home a surprise letter to their parents. Obviously ours wasn’t a surprise, but I told them I want to go on all field trips because I don’t like the idea of Brooklyn walking without me on the city streets with just a few teachers watching the class. It is very different from the U.S. because you sign one form at the beginning of the year giving the school permission to take the kids on field trips and they don’t get you to sign a form about each one, they just take the kids. Crazy! We were still excited to get something in the mail from her. It ended up being her first artwork from school and we hung it on the fridge. I added a picture of it and it says Bonne Annee 2013, which means Good Year. Friday went well and she let me leave without incident.

She seems to like school. She always says she had fun and that she gets to color and play. We have a nice little routine down now. We walk to school which we both enjoy, even though I am sweating at the top of first hill and it about 30 degrees outside. When I get to school I hang her jacket on her hook, put her backpack in a tub, put her snack in a tub, and put her notebook in a tub. The notebook is sent home every day and the teacher adds things to it that we need to know and we can write notes to them. Then I take Brooklyn to use the potty before she goes to class. And I’m pretty sure they don’t do this in the U.S. but the little boys and girls share the same bathroom! When we were touring the school I took Brooklyn to the potty and a boy came in and used the bathroom right beside us! I looked around and noticed the bathroom was blue and thought uh-oh, there must be boy and girl bathrooms, but no, one bathroom for both! After the potty, I take her to class, where she refuses to say bonjour to the teacher. The teachers always have activities already out on the table and she chooses one to play. Most of the time she has been happy and tells me bye and that she loves me! The two year old class gets picked up in the cafeteria and I can’t wait to pick her up every day. When she sees me in line, she gives me the biggest smile! It is the highlight of my day!