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We woke up to lots of snow on the rooftops today and it’s been snowing off and on for a few days. It snowed on Thursday and Friday when I walked Brooklyn to school. It isn’t really cold when I walk her to school, but snow on the face because I can’t hold an umbrella and push the stroller isn’t much fun. This morning we walked to the grocery store and let Brooklyn play in the snow. It was her first time getting to really play in the snow and she had so much fun! It didn’t take long to teach her how to make and throw snowballs! She had so much fun throwing snowballs at us and laughed and laughed when we threw them at her. It was so much fun watching her play in the snow and somehow I talked her into wearing her gloves. She regularly refuses to wear gloves even when it is freezing outside! We have tried mittens, glove with fingers, and even one of those round fur things that you put your hands in and she won’t use any of them. At the grocery store she picked up some flowers and asked Daddy to get them for her and she picked the prettiest pink ones there were. Like mother, like daughter! We made a small snowman for her on the way home and she brought it home and put it on our balcony. I asked her what she was going to name the snowman and she said, “His name is Snowman, Mommy.” We are clearly not very creative here. A Doll named “Baby”, a kitty cat named “Kitty”, a dog named “Doggie”, and a horse, name “Horsie.”