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I’m already dreaming of summer. I want a tan. I want to wear dresses. I want Vitamin D. It has been too cloudy and drizzly for far too long! I’m very surprised I have adapted so well. Most of you know that I do not like the cold weather and here I am walking Brooklyn to school (16 miles a week Michael calculated!) and it isn’t that bad. So to cheer me up I’m going to be posting some vacation pictures from this past summer that no one has gotten to see because we were in the midst of moving across the country!

Today I’m posting about our cruise to Mexico, Belize, Isla Roatan, Grand Turk, and the Cayman Islands. We went on this cruise about a month before we moved and took Brooklyn with us. And yes, I was scared our boat was going to sink like the Concordia! It took about half the week before I stopped stressing about it! Somehow we got lucky and got and nice sized room with a balcony, even though we hardly used it because we were too paranoid to let Brooklyn out there. You must be asking yourself, “Why in the world would you take a 2 year old on a cruise?” Have you never heard of Camp Carnival? We were very excited that they offer a kid’s camp called Camp Carnival that was FREE, except for late at night (Which we never used because we would rather snooze than booze and party). We were, of course, a little nervous about sending her, but we went on a tour of Camp Carnival and learned how they kept track of the kids, saw how they had live video footage you could see in the hallway so we could walk by and check on her (which made us feel a lot better), and they also gave you a cell phone so they can call you if they need you. We took Brooklyn a few times and she had a blast! They did so many fun things like movies, face painting, story time, making stuffed animals, and of course lots of toys to play with! It was so nice to be able to take her on the cruise with us and still be able to go out and do things. We did lots of fun things like lying out in the sun (Michael doesn’t agree with this one), eating, taking Brooklyn to the baby pool, me getting a massage, swimming in the big pool, sliding down the slide, and did I mention eating? The food on the cruise was amazing. I especially loved the desserts and soups! Chilled Mango Soup. Strawberry Bisque Soup. Chocolate Melting Cake. Crème Brulee. Tiramasu. Mmmmmm. (I have since learned how to make the Chilled Mango…it was so good!) Brooklyn was still a very picky eater at this point and we spent more time trying to keep her from coloring on the white tablecloths than actually feeding her. Once she even fell asleep at the table, which was the first time this had ever happened, so it was very funny! The highlight of our trip, by far, was swimming with the dolphins. We didn’t think we would be able to do many, if any, excursions with Brooklyn so we were pleasantly surprised to see that we could take Brooklyn on this one and that she was free! She was a little nervous about the dolphin but did pretty good. I was a little a lot nervous about the dolphin too. I’m no dummy, I’ve seen “When Animals Attack” on TV. So when the instructor had us go out individually in the water to let the dolphin push us on a boogie board by our feet, I was very nervous. Especially when the dolphin was swimming out to me and it looked like a shark coming to get me! But I survived and it was awesome! The dolphin pushed me on the boogie board way faster than I thought possible, but Michael must be too heavy because the dolphin had a hard time pushing him! We also got to see a turtle farm with some huge turtles and some sting rays on this same excursion. Swimming with the dolphins was definitely worth it and it was a very long excursion. We were surprised at how long we stayed in the water with the dolphin. It was one the best experiences we have ever had and now we can check that off our bucket list.