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Today, the pictures I am posting are of Otter Creek Waterpark in Greenville. My niece and nephew, Kaylee and Kody, were staying with us (Kody went home for the weekend) and our air conditioner broke. After the air conditioner repairmen came out on a couple different occasions over a three day period it was determined our air conditioner unit had reached the end of its life. And yes, this was right before we sold our house. So we paid a lot of money for a new unit right before we moved. It was painful to spend money like that and have nothing in return! So the air conditioner repairmen came out on Saturday morning to put in a new unit and it ended up not working and they weren’t able to get another one until Monday! This was on Saturday so we spent the day at the Otter Creek waterpark to keep cool. We chose this waterpark, even though there was a closer one to our house, because they have a baby slide and kid’s spray and play area that Brooklyn likes. Kaylee even taught Brooklyn how to go down the slide by herself and Brooklyn had so much fun with Kaylee! Make sure you check out my favorite picture of Brooklyn in the slideshow. It is of her lying in the sun with her hand on her forehead and orange fingers from eating her Cheetos. What a life this kid has! We went home that night and slept in the camper since it had air conditioning. Our house was ridiculously hot and we would have sweat dripping off of us before we could get outside to the camper from taking a shower! I think Kaylee and Brooklyn had lots of fun sleeping in the camper that weekend, but we were just thankful for the air conditioning!

We also went to Frankie’s funpark with the Looper family before we moved. They are the world’s best babysitters and love Brooklyn like their own. (One of their daughter’s names is Brooklin.) I miss having Donna so much to babysit and I know Brooklyn misses the whole family! I’m going to have to try to talk Donna into coming to France for the summer! When Brooklyn sees their picture, she says, “I wanna play with her.”  Brooklyn had so much fun at Frankie’s and loved to go down the slides. She is a very brave girl and would go down the slides by herself. She could even climb up the slide, which seems impossible.

Brooklyn also got to go to her first festival in Macon, Georgia with my mom and stepdad. It was the Cherry Blossom festival and they also had a fair. Brooklyn enjoyed a few of the kiddie rides, rode her first pony and Brooklyn and I rode our first camel! We ate at the charity all you can eat pancake breakfast and my mom took the helicopter ride that she had always wanted to do. We ended up going to the fair the next day too and Michael and I rode one of the spinning rides that is in a circle and then the arm raises it up so you are actually upside down at the top. It made me feel so sick! I must be getting really old because my mom used to take us to theme parks a lot as a kid and we would ride rides all day long and now I can’t even ride one without feeling sick. Sometimes it isn’t fun getting old.

The week before we moved, Michelin moved us into a temporary apartment. We didn’t have many toys for Brooklyn so we took her to Frankie’s fun park one day and she had a blast! She likes playing the games and LOVED to get tickets. She got to ride on her first go-cart ride and ride the cool hilly slide on a carpet bad. She loved both as you can see by her smile!