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This is my last I Dream of Summer Post. Michael was sent to Nevada to do some testing with the Radical racecars and Brooklyn and I decided to tag along. This was Brooklyn’s first plane ride and she was a very good girl. However, once we arrived in Las Vegas, Brooklyn decided the time change wasn’t for her and she was so bad during our trip. We thought to ourselves, “Oh my gosh, is this what the terrible two’s are going to be like?” It didn’t matter what time we put her to bed, she wanted to wake up at 6:00, which is very far from her normal 8:00 or 9:00 wake-up time.

For the first few days we stayed at the resort where Michael was working. Michael had lots of fun testing on the Radical’s and even got to take me for a ride on the last day. It was by far the fastest thing I had ever ridden in. It took corners so fast that I would have to hold my helmet to try to keep my head upright! When Michael accelerated on a straightaway, it felt like an airplane taking off! It was so fast I don’t know how he was able to even think about what part of the racetrack came next! The Radical Racecar Group asked Michael to sign some toolboxes that they were auctioning off. There were some signatures of some real racecar drivers and they wanted Michael to sign as Michelin’s Corvette Test Driver. Michael thought it was a little silly, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Next, we went and stayed in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget. It was a huge hotel with many restaurants, of course gambling, and a swimming pool that had a super-fast slide that went through an aquarium. We walked the Vegas strip and went in some of the hotels to see all the neat displays they have in them. We even went and looked at Ceasar’s Palace where “The Hangover” was filmed. We took Brooklyn to eat at the Rainforest café, which she liked. My favorite part was eating at the Luv-It Frozen Custard Stand. My favorite was the one with strawberries and salted pecans and we ate there as much as possible! Michael thinks it is amazing that I am able to find good ice cream wherever we go! We spent a day going to the Grand Canyon, which was amazing! We drove on all these back dirt roads to get to the canyons which was a little scary when you thought about what would happen if you broke down or got stuck. At the canyons we had to take a bus ride to get to the lookout area. When we were on the bus and reached a point where you could see the canyons, Brooklyn said, “Oh wow!” This was also the part of the Grand Canyons that has the glass bottom lookout area. Michael and I are both a little afraid of heights and it was expensive so we skipped this part. The Grand Canyon was so huge and we weren’t even at the deepest part of it! We also took a helicopter ride down to the bottom of the canyon and took a short boat ride. This was definitely worth the money and was the highlight of our trip! Brooklyn really enjoyed the helicopter ride and was thankfully a good girl all day.

We spent another day driving through some of the state parks and went to the Hoover Dam. Driving through the state parks was beautiful to see and so incredibly different from what we are used to seeing in the Southeast. It made me so nervous driving out in the middle of nowhere, because you wouldn’t pass anyone for miles and miles. It was very beautiful out there and we got to see hieroglyphics on the rocks and a coyote. We also went and saw and the Hoover Dam which was amazing because it was so big! We took a tour inside the dam but weren’t real impressed. And to top it off, the elevator was stuck for a while while we were deep inside the dam and Brooklyn was at the age where she would get bored very easily. We also went up on the huge bridge across from the dam which was neat but very scary being so high.

All in all, we had a great trip. We decided that Las Vegas isn’t really our thing and we wouldn’t want to go back to the strip, but we would definitely go see the Grand Canyon again.