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We took Brooklyn to La Foire Aux Manages, a fair in Clermont-Ferrand, on Wednesday night. Brooklyn had fun riding the carousel, which she rode twice, because all the other kids rides were closed for the night. Apparently the kids rides are only open during the day. I won her a Hello Kitty out of the claw machine and only spent 3 euros to do it! Michael watched Brooklyn and I got to ride my favorite ride of all time. You sit in it and it spins and swings back and forth as well. It is aptly named the Virus because that is exactly what it feels like you have when you get off. It was only about 7 o’clock so there weren’t many people at the fair so I was riding this ride by myself. The guy let me ride once and then the ride stopped. He gave me the thumbs up, which I returned, and he let me ride it again. And that was a bad idea. This time he let me ride longer and seemed to make the ride go even faster and higher. The music sped up and I felt like I was in a cheap horror flick and this was the point where the arm of the ride was going to break off and go flying through the air. I was seriously scared….and nauseous. I gladly got off the ride and we took Brooklyn to ride the carousel one more time. It made me nauseous to see the carousel spin so I had to turn around. I begged Michael to take me to McDonald’s to get me something to settle my stomach and said to him, “Please remind me of how sick I get if I want to ride a ride again.” And he says, “You always tell me that.” I guess I really need to take my own advice. I’m too old to be riding roller coasters. And this makes me nauseous to even relive this in my mind so I must stop here.