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One of my favorite memories as a kid was having breakfast for dinner. My mom would cook the full breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes or waffles, sausage, grits, and best of all, warm cinnamon buns with icing. My mom would make me the perfect sunny side up egg so I could dip my bacon or sausage in the runny yolk. Yum! My favorite was when she would make me pancakes in the shape of teddy bears. Naturally, I have kept up this tradition and make Brooklyn pancakes in the shape of animals, and even her Peep! They don’t sell Bisquick here in France, only regular flour (no self-rising) and cake flour, so I have to buy a box of pancake or waffle mix to make them. I’ve tried both, but I like the waffle mix better because it is a little bit sweeter. The packet of waffle mix makes a lot of pancakes, so I make a packet on the weekend and we eat them all week long for breakfast. Brooklyn will wake up and ask for a Peep pancake or a Hello Kitty Pancake. Michael even made her the huge horse on the plate one weekend. I don’t know what I expected when Brooklyn asked him to make a pony pancake, but he far exceeded my expectations! As for the other tradition of having breakfast for dinner, Michael does not share my enthusiasm for some reason. He thinks it is strange to have breakfast for dinner, but he hasn’t tried it yet. I guess I am just going to have to cook breakfast for dinner one night and surprise him with it. I might make a believer of him yet. Do any of you eat breakfast for dinner or is my family the only one?