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Today a friend and I took our kids to a farm that is about 30 minutes away from Clermont-Ferrand. I was very surprised at how affordable it was and how much there was to do. Admission is 3.50 euros for adults and children and with that the kids got a bucket of bread to feed the animals. You can also pay an extra 2.00 euros for a very long pony ride. At the farm the kids were able to feed and pet the goats and sheep. They were also able to pet rabbits, a cow, a big hairy pig, horses, and donkeys and got to see chickens and ducks. We were lucky to be there when a baby goat literally had just been born and they let the kids go in to pet it and some of the other recent newborns. All the animals were friendly and everything was very hands on. The kids were able to help groom the horses before they took a very long pony ride all the way around the perimeter of the farm. Brooklyn wanted to ride twice so she could ride both ponies. She said her favorite one was the black one named Princess. She was so brave here and was never scared to feed the animals or to ride the horses by herself. Even when she was in the barn surrounded by about 10 goats, babies and adults, she acted like it was no big deal. They also had an inflatable bounce house and a toy area next to a row of picnic tables that the kids could play in all included in the admission price. I’m so excited to have found out about this place and to have taken Brooklyn here and can’t wait to take her back with Michael.

At the farm they had this one brown rabbit that was so soft like velvet. It wasn’t like any rabbit I have ever petted before and its fur was really short and thick and was the softest thing I have ever felt. It is pregnant and will have babies soon. They sell the babies and I asked if we bought one, can we give it to the farm when we move home and they said yes. So now all I have to do is get Brooklyn to look at Daddy with those big sweet doe eyes and get her to ask him for a rabbit (Insert evil laugh here). He won’t stand a chance! We have had a rabbit before and its cage really smelled bad, so I was thinking we could litter train it like a cat. I hear it really works. Has anyone actually done this and can you tell me if it works or if it is still going to smell in the house?