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Yesterday, on the way home from the farm, my friend Tracy and I also stopped by the fair. I was hoping this certain ride would be open that was closed when we took Brooklyn to the fair the other night and it was! The ride is based on the Madagascar movies and the kids got to sit on an animal and the animal bobbed a little as they went around a big track. It is very different here because the French are not as safety conscious as Americans. This ride had no seatbelts and at the end of the ride, the tiger Brooklyn was riding hit the animal in front of her really hard! Brooklyn and I still thought it was amazing and she had so much fun! Also, all the rides at the French fair don’t have safety barriers around them. We were looking at the swings ride, the one where you sit in a swing and it swings you around fast in a circle, and there weren’t barriers keeping kids from running in there when the ride was moving. Crazy! Brooklyn also got to ride her first roller coaster and she loved it! She smiled the whole time and I’m glad I was required to ride with her because it went surprisingly fast! I can’t believe how brave Brooklyn is turning out to be. She was outgoing as a baby and then went through a shy faze, so I’m surprised to see that she has changed again!