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Most of you have read my other post, “The List.” If not, you should read it. I think it is a good one. You can read it here. I finally got to see what all this stuff on “The List” was used for and I must say, I am quite pleased. Brooklyn was on holiday for the past two weeks and the teacher sent us home with her large notebook and her large binder. In it are things that Brooklyn does in school like pictures they color, songs they sing, pictures of the kids doing different activities, and school work that they do. Sometimes the teacher asks us to glue pictures of the children and write about what they did the past week for show and tell. (You know I’m all over this one making it creative and pretty!) There is also a small notebook that we bring home everyday that the teacher and the parent use to communicate. (I use the term “communicate” very loosely since I have to use Google Translate to try to read it the majority of the time.) I love, love, love the whole idea of these notebooks and it will be such a good scrapbook of what Brooklyn did while we were here. This school (Masillon Ecole Ensemble International is a private catholic school for Primary, Middle, and High School Students. There are about 1,200 students.) is serious about learning. Brooklyn is in the 2 year old preschool class and they do such neat things and the teachers seem really prepared and organized. I am very excited that Brooklyn will be extra prepared when she starts school in the US. She will already have learned many things and will be used to the structure of a classroom. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this whole, learning in French thing, won’t have the opposite effect.