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We have a dog! Brooklyn and I were lonely and we begged Michael to get us a dog. We talked Michael into going to the animal shelter, which was out in the country, near Clermont-Ferrand. Michael and I had talked about getting a dog and tried to decide what size and kind of dog would work in our apartment in the city. We decided a small adult dog that is already housetrained is what we need. We didn’t want to try to potty train a puppy living on the 7th floor of an apartment building. So we go to the shelter and look at all the dogs and what do we end up with? A 60 pound German Shepherd. We looked at lots of dogs but none were quite right for us. Towards the end they asked us if we wanted a female or male and we said it didn’t really matter and they showed us a German Shepherd. They said she was abandoned with puppies and said something about in three days and “catastrophic” so we think that meant they were going to put her to sleep. Talk about a guilt trip! We went in and met the German Shepherd and she was very friendly and silly and you could tell she had a great personality. They said she was about 1-2 years old, fixed, house trained and didn’t bark (She was probably the only dog not barking at the shelter. If you have ever been to a shelter, you know what I mean). They said she had been there for a few months so we weren’t sure why she hadn’t been adopted. The workers at the shelter let her jump up and put her paws on them so that may have been a reason why. We knew we could fix the jumping problem quickly so we weren’t concerned about the jumping. So we decided to get the German Shepherd and filled out the forms and paid the fee (It was expensive, a couple hundred euro!) and she sat beside Brooklyn on the way home. When we were in the car, we asked Brooklyn, “Do you like your new dog?” and she said, “Yeah, she’s a good dog.” 🙂 Brooklyn and I decided on the name Miss Piggy. Michael just said I had to be the one to take her outside. I assured him I would. Guess how long that lasted? One day. Seriously. But in my defense it is hard to take Miss Piggy out and keep an eye on Brooklyn and besides, he has to get up to go to work anyway! I have such a good husband! The day after we got her we had to run to the next town over to pick up a few things and had to leave Miss Piggy in the apartment. We didn’t get a kennel (there is nowhere to put it) for Miss Piggy so we just had to leave her in the apartment. We were nervous but there was nothing else we could do. We locked the door and as we were waiting for the elevator, we heard Miss Piggy jumping on the door and dragging her claws down the door. We were thinking the apartment was going to be trashed when we got home, but thankfully it wasn’t. She jumped on the door like this when we left for a while, but that has stopped. Miss Piggy has turned out to be a great dog. She is house trained, she doesn’t bark, and she is very calm in the house (Outside is different story). She is a good running partner and I feel safer with her when Michael is out of town. She is so sweet and follows us around the house, is super smart, and grunts and talks to us when she sighs. I taught her to shake hands in one day and I taught her to “Bow to the Queen.” When I say “Bow to the Queen” she bows her chest down to the ground and keeps her butt up in the air. She is such a good dog for Brooklyn. Brooklyn chases Miss Piggy on her Hello Kitty motorcycle, crawls all over her, dresses her up in headbands, and generally just terrorizes her. I feel like I have two children because I’m always breaking up fights. Brooklyn loves to terrorize Miss Piggy, but if Miss Piggy wants to play and Brooklyn doesn’t, she yells at Miss Piggy and tells her to “Go to bed!” We are looking forward to Summer when we can take her with us when we eat at some of the outdoor cafes. We also plan on flying her home with us when we move back to the US. And yes, she is bilingual. She speaks and understands French and English.