fight club
Who knew we would be so lucky to get to send Brooklyn to a fancy private school. And one that has such unique extracurricular activities. No boring public school extracurricular activities like math club and cheerleading here. This private catholic school has Fight Club. Today was the first meeting and Brooklyn became a member. When I picked her up and looked at her face she said, “You should have seen the other guy!”

But seriously, I always knew this kind of thing was going to happen. The teacher tells me about bruises she gets and scrapes and they never bother me. I always wave it off to the teacher that it isn’t a big deal and it’s not. But today, holy cow, look at my sweet baby’s face! Her nose is swollen and scratched and she has a swollen gash by her eye. It’s painful just to look at it! The teacher said that another little boy pushed her and she fell and she hit her face on the bench. Umm…yeah, ya think?! She thinks that it was an accident because the boy that pushed her isn’t the boy in the class known as “the pusher.” Oh, that makes me feel so much better. Oh wait, no it doesn’t! She said they punished the boy and they were going to tell his parents. I was curious how they punished him, but I didn’t want to seem too eager and excited that he got punished for hurting my sweet little girl, so I didn’t ask. Oh yeah, and apparently French schools will spank your kids. One of the American mothers says her son tells her he gets spanked a lot. Maybe the boy that pushed her got a spanking. One can only hope. They also hug and kiss the little kids here which is nice. I’m glad that when she got hurt they weren’t worried about touching her like in the U.S. schools and that she was able to be comforted by them.