The pool
Brooklyn is off school on Wednesday, so I tried out the public pool with a friend and her kids a few Wednesdays ago. It is about a 5-10 minute walk from our apartment. It felt strange to be dressed up in our ski clothes to keep warm and walking in the snow to go swimming at the pool! It cost me 2.80 Euro to get in and Brooklyn was free since she is under 3. It is required that everyone wears swim caps and that the men wear speedos to keep things more hygienic. Do you find that statement as funny as I do? The French, who don’t shower daily and don’t have anti-perspirant deodorant, want to keep things hygienic! And then there are the speedos. I know, speedos are just plain funny to us Americans, right? Or maybe that’s just me. Well, we have to get used to them since Michael will be sporting a speedo every time we go swimming. Brooklyn didn’t seem to mind wearing the swim cap which was a relief. She sure wasn’t interested in it when I was trying one on her at the sports store so I was a little worried she would refuse.

Where do I begin with the dressing room. That’s right, I said “room.” As in one. It was very large and men and woman share the same room! I know, Crazy! Good thing I already had on my bikini under my clothes. Changing after we were done swimming was the tricky part (Although Michael told me later there are probably changing stalls). Even if they do have changing stalls there was still a topless women in the shower. The same shower then men use! They also have these hair dryers that look like hand dryers that you can adjust the height to dry your hair. We were glad to be able to dry off a bit before walking home in the snow.

The Swim Center has a huge pool that is used for swim lessons and where people swim laps. They also have an infant pool area that is about 2 inches deep, and a kids swimming area that has a small lazy river (but you don’t use floats). They also have a huge water slide, that is really fast, that I can take Brooklyn down. She loved the water slide and we rode it a few times and she kept asking to go more! The pool is heated, but after an hour we were cold and Brooklyn’s teeth were chattering so we left. Swimming must make Brooklyn hungry because she ate an Ernesto (Debbie Cake like), a special K bar, and an applesauce before we even got home. And then she ate lunch! We can’t wait to go when it gets a little warmer. I guess if we get stir crazy because of the cold weather we might go again. And this time I will look for changing stalls.