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Happy Easter Everyone! Michael and I were so exhausted last night, Michael got in late last night from South Korea and I was tired from keeping up with Brooklyn all week by myself, that we told the Easter Bunny not to come until after naptime. So when Brooklyn woke up from her nap, the Easter Bunny had visited and left Brooklyn some goodies in her Easter basket! Brooklyn was very excited to see her Easter basket and what the Easter Bunny had left her. I also added a picture of Michael’s Easter chocolate. They had a few things that are familiar to us from the U.S. and a few things that we haven’t seen. The French seem to really like chocolate chickens so I got Michael one. I also got him some chicks that were supposed to have smarties in them, but the ended up being M&M’s. Brooklyn played with the toys in her Easter basket, ate some chocolate, and then we had an egg hunt and she found a few more surprises! After eating the chocolate, she was crazy so we took her to the park to burn off some energy.