Class Picture

We got Brooklyn’s class picture proof today and she is super adorable in it! However, there is one child that is not so adorable and is the one responsible for pushing down my sweet baby and giving her a black eye and a swollen nose. Can you guess which one that is?

The little girl on the bottom row, second from the left, is named Ester and is Brooklyn’s favorite French friend. Ester’s mom speaks English, but the little girl does not. Her mom says Ester comes home and says “Yes, yes, yes” and pretends to speak English. She asked Ester where she learned that and Ester said, “I talk English with my friend Brooklyn.” How sweet that they are such good friends and don’t speak the same language. Brooklyn’s teacher says they do so much together that they have to separate them so they will play with others.

The little girl on the bottom row, second from the right, is Alinah and is the daughter of my good friend Aida. They are Russian, but also speak English, and we do a lot of things with the family. We also walk home from school with them every day.

The little girl on the top row, on the right is Gabriella and is also Brooklyn’s friend. She brought Brooklyn a bracelet with her name on it today and Brooklyn has been wearing it all day.

I’m so glad Brooklyn has settled in at school and has made some friends. I was a little worried at the beginning because the teacher said she played by herself. The lady on the left is Matres Valerie, the main teacher and on the right is Matres Jessica, the assistant teacher. They are wonderful and do great things with the kids. The main teacher speaks some English, but the assistant doesn’t speak any English. It gets kind of tricky sometimes when I need to ask something, but I am getting better at speaking French.