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Today, I have my first ever guest blogger, who also happens to be my fabulous husband! Let’s all show Michael some love with his first blog post. It was hard enough to talk him into it (I’ve been asking for weeks), and what he and Brooklyn did tonight was hilarious, in more ways than one. Brooklyn seems to think we are making a big deal about nothing, so maybe I will let her blog her side of the story tomorrow and then you can decide for yourself. And now here is Michael’s side of the story…

Let me begin by saying that putting Brooklyn to bed is difficult would be an understatement. It generally turns into a 45 minute affair that entails multiple trips to the bathroom, several trips to the fridge to get some milk, approximately 3000 hugs, kisses and bisous, etc, etc, etc… Well, for whatever reason, tonight I decided it would be a good idea to give Brooklyn a little taste of her own medicine. I came up with the idea to let Brooklyn put ME to bed. Oh yeah, that’s right, after all the nights of B trying to drag out the process, I can finally get my revenge. Or so I thought. First, after I laid down, in B’s bed of course, I asked Brooklyn to read me a book. She chose about ten books from the shelf, the whole time counting to herself “One, two, three, nine!” I am not really sure where four through eight went, but I guess that is a story for a different time. She then picked a book and showed it to me and said “This one?” I screamed “NO, NOT THAT BOOK, I DON’T LIKE THAT ONE” Hahaha now she knows what it feels like! She looked at me and laughed, “Yes you do, it’s the BUNNY book!” And she then in turn “read” me the bunny book. Hmmmmm, this may be harder than I thought. So I tried a different approach, “Read me the horns book” I pleaded. “No, I will read you this one” and she pulled out a different book. “I WANT THE HORNS BOOK”, I said a little louder and then pretended to cry. She laughed again and said “Stop crying, you will like this one.” She showed me the book and said, “What’s this one?” and I said, “It is called the Opposites book.” She said, “No Daddy, It is the bunny one and the Elephant One (Insert elephant noise here)!” Ok, time for Plan B… Wait there is no Plan B, ok, time to improvise. I said, “Tuck me in!” which she did. I said, “Give me a kiss!” which she did. I then said “I GOTTA GO POTTY!” She said, “OK Daddy, hurry hurry, you go on the little potty”. Wait, is she enjoying this? Back to bed I went, thinking all the while some way to get the point (which I am quickly forgetting) across. She tucks me in again and then I try the classic “I WANT MILK”… Well, I am not exactly sure, but I think Brooklyn is quicker to the fridge and back than I could ever be. So, with a hop in her step and a smug grin on her face she brought me some milk from the fridge. Which I have to admit I drank from her sippy cup and enjoyed. I then said,”Turn on my light!” which she happily did. I said, “I want Peep!” “I’ll get it” she chuckled as she ran out the door to the living room. She came back with Peep and another smile. Then I said, “I want Baby!” So Brooklyn said, “Ok” and ran and got baby. Ok, one last try. I said, “I want a hug!” which she was oh so happy to give me. Oh well, I give up! And I did, give up that is. So I got out of Brooklyn’s bed and we walked into the living room. WOW, she is really happy! She REALLY enjoyed that (and so did I)! So, finally, I said “OK Brooklyn, I guess it is time to go night-night.” “NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! I DON’T WANT TO GO NIGHT NIGHT!!!! I’M NOT SLEEPY!!!! IT’S NOT DARK OUTSIDE!!!!!” And the 45 minutes of putting Brooklyn to bed commenced.