We often find words or names of stores that seem to be lost in translation. I’m sure they are only funny to us Americans, but I will still share them with you.

The first one is a clothing store called “Crapy Shop.” Interesting choice of name. Are their clothes crappy quality? They are definitely crappy styles.


Next, we have “Stud’ City” Apartments. This one is my favorite. Can only good looking guys live here? Do they have to send a recent picture with their application?


Third, is “Asswak Baba.” I don’t even know what to say. This is just wrong.


Fourth, we have “Rust, raw hair.” Raw hair? Is this opposed to cooked hair?


Next, we see “Bouticycle.” Ha! They said Booty! This one just makes me laugh. They sell bicycles. Vélo is French for bicycle.


And now we have “Cliniques de Poupées.” Ummmm…..gross. Is this the French way of losing weight with a wrap or is this what they use for facials here? In reality, they sell dolls. Way creepy ones. My mom will probably love them. The creepier the better for her.


Last, we have the “Tit’ Miss.” This really makes me giggle. I am assuming “tit” is short for petite.


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****cricket’s chirping****