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We finally got some sun on Saturday and Sunday and it was in the 70’s. It is strange that it was so warm this weekend when it has still been so cold lately but I’m not complaining! We probably have sun about 2 or 3 times a month and usually only for a few hours or so. Michael said the French guys at work say it goes from winter to summer and no inbetween temperatures like Spring so we shall see if they are right. They seem to be so far. Since it went from cold weather to the 70’s it felt like it was a hundred degrees to me since we didn’t get a chance to get used to it, but I’m sure the cold weather will be back, right?

Saturday, we met some friends at the square in the center of town and let the kids play around the fountain. Sunday, we took Brooklyn back to the farm. On the way, we asked Brooklyn if she wanted to ride Princess the pony and she said, “No, I want to ride the donkey!” She has probably heard the word donkey once in her life so we are surprised that she even knew the word. So she rode the donkey and I wanted her to ride the new gray horse that they had gotten two weeks ago because it was so pretty. Michael said, “Do you think she should ride the new horse since they don’t know anything about it?” I’m considering what he is saying and look over at the gray horse. The horse walker is pulling on the lead of the gray horse to take a kid for a ride and the gray horse did not want to move. At all. She was pulling on the lead and the horses neck was stretched all the way out and it still refused to move. I said, “I think she will be just fine.” Michael looked at the gray horse and laughed. So we told her she could ride the gray polka dot horse and she had fun and wasn’t scared at all riding on this, much bigger than a pony, horse. We asked her on the way home which one she like riding better, the donkey or the polka dot horse, and she said, “All of them!”

Make sure you check out the pictures with the snowcapped mountains in the background. It is so strange to be so hat and see that in the distance. It was so beautiful in real life! And check out the picture of the 4 horned goat. Can you say CREEPY?