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Brooklyn got to go birthday shopping today at Toys R Us and was allowed to pick out anything she wanted. Her grandparents on both sides sent birthday money instead of having to pay the astronomical shipping fees to ship something. Brooklyn has always been really good at putting toys back when we tell her no, we aren’t buying what she is asking for. She never has tantrums when we say no to a toy, so it was nice to tell her yes to everything she asked for. We had so much fun taking her through the store and letting her pick things out. I think she was really surprised that we told her yes to everything she asked for. She kept changing her mind and putting things in her cart and taking things out. She looked at Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, stuffed animals, a pony bike, the slides, squinkies, and many more I’m sure I’ve forgotten about . She went back to the pony bike again and we thought she was going to pick that, but she ended up with a pink doggie that she named Woof, a Hello Kitty book, and a Playmobile set of a barn with horses. And she put up her baby shopping cart without us asking her too! She is just too sweet!

After taking Brooklyn birthday shopping we ate at a really neat restaurant called 3 Brasseurs. We had been told by friends that the 3rd floor has a ball pit and play area for kids and you can eat up there. So we asked to eat on the third floor so Brooklyn could play while we waited for the food. I ordered Pork Ribs and Michael ordered a Hamburger with Cantal Cheese (a local cheese). The restaurant and food reminded us of an Applebee’s or a Ruby Tuesday. The food was ok, but not as good as all the other restaurants we have been to.

Michael and I often joke that Brooklyn is the most polite brat we have ever seen. She can throw a tantrum when she wants to, but always says Please, Thank you, and Your Welcome to us and everyone else. She also thanks store owners if we buy her something from there. She will say at the Patisserie, “Thank you for my sucker!” She also is well behaved in public and we can take her out to dinner. She also thanks us at bedtime for doing fun things with her that day and thanks us if we buy her a new toy or clothes. She also loves to go shopping, to the grocery store, and basically anywhere else. But man, does she have another side! It is rare, but she can throw a tantrum with the best of them. Lately if she doesn’t get her way she will stomp her foot or slap her arms against her side. She also will drop her eyebrows and look really meanly at us. She definitely gets this from me, but I’m pretty sure I was much worse as a child!