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Brooklyn’s birthday at the farm was awesome! It started at 2:00pm. Weird you say for a 3 year olds birthday? Why not have it pre or post nap like normal people? Because we were sending the message that no lightweights would be able to handle this party of carnival games, sugar galore, and pony rides! But seriously, that is the time they wanted us to come and it actually ended up being perfect. We got there an hour early to set up and it was cloudy and chilly, but around 2:00 the sun came out so it was nice weather. A little chilly, but at least it didn’t rain!

I tend to go all out for birthdays, as you know, but this one was very tame for me. Since it wasn’t at our house, it was a little harder to decorate and go all out. The French don’t do much decorationg for birthday parties either, so my mom brought most everything I used for Brooklyn’s party from the U.S. The theme for this years party was My Little Pony’s Ponyville Fair. I made Brooklyn a very neat banner that has her name on it and a different pony with each letter. It took forever to make, but I’m going to hang it in her room with the new horse comforter my mom brought Brooklyn from the U.S. I made Brooklyn’s cake again and was able to make the frosting since my mom brought me some good ole Crisco. We also had some Pinkie Pie Sugar Cookies, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, and had a patesserie make some mini-horse cakes.

I made monogrammed and appliqued bags for each party guest that they carried around when they played the games to put their prizes in. We set up five stations of games: Duck Pond, Bean Bag Toss, Ring Toss, Knock Down Cans, and Duck Knock Down. The kids were able to play each game twice and pick out two prizes at each station. We also had some photo props for some fun pictures. After the games the kids all got to ride a pony. Brooklyn chose Princess, of course, and then she rode the big polka dot horse. The kids then walked around feeding the animals and then came back to eat birthday cake and snacks.