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On Sunday, we went back to the farm in Montpeyroux so my Mom and S-Dad could see Brooklyn ride the ponies. Mom made Brooklyn a really awesome cowgirl outfit that Brooklyn is adorable in and she loves to wear. She rode a beautiful new horse that they had a hard time getting to walk at the beginning, but on the way back he was walking so fast that two people had to hold him. He also kept “talking” to the other horses while Brooklyn was riding him and I’m surprised it didn’t scare her because it was so loud. She then rode the Polka Dot horse, which seems to be her new favorite.

After the farm, we went to a French Château called Château De Val about an hour and a half from Clermont. It was such a beautiful drive and we stopped at a picnic area to eat lunch on the way. Mom and Mike loved all the sandwiches here on fresh French bread so we brought supplies to make sandwiches (It may sound gross, but Michael and I love the salami and vinegar pickle sandwiches here!). On the drive, there were so many fields with daffodils just growing everywhere and huge snowcapped mountains in the background.The château was almost completely surrounded by a lake and and it also had a little chapel beside it. We got to tour a couple of different floors and it was so big, intricate, and beautiful. It was so cold in the château that I can’t imagine how they keep it warm, especially in the winter.

Right beside the château was something called Val Adventure. It was a rope course with zip lines. We were lucky enough to have my Mom and S-Dad there so they were able to watch Brooklyn so we could go do the ropes course. We didn’t know it was there so I had to do the course with my long wool coat and boots, but it was totally worth it! The course was really long and had lots of variety and skill levels so it was really fun! The course also included some zip lining which was really fun. They will also will let you zip line over two parts of the lake twice and each is about a half mile long. That zip line was closed that day, but we want to go back and do that one another time.