It’s not fun to wake my Mom up from a nap or in the morning. She is a startler. It doesn’t matter if you quietly call her name or lightly poke her in the arm, she startles and jerks like she’s just gotten scared in a haunted house. It’s so unexpected and sudden that it startles you too.


Michael didn’t know this about Mom and had to wake her up once while she was here and it may have scared him as much as it scared Mom.


When we stayed in Paris in the apartment it was two rooms separated by a curtain. One night when we were staying in the apartment we were sleeping and Michael wakes me up and says, “Do you hear that? What is it?” I say, “I have no idea! It sounds like an animal dying!” Michael then thought it might be Brooklyn playing in the middle of the night and says, “Brooklyn, be quiet!” So then Michael looks at Brooklyn and she is fast asleep. He then walks into the other room and realizes it is Mike’s mask leaking a little air because the mask isn’t on correctly. But then Mom throws a pillow at him and tells him to fix it, so all is well.


But then…we wake up again to someone snoring and I say, “Michael, Mike is snoring. He must have taken his mask off. Go wake him up.” So Michael goes in the other room and stands looking at Mike, who has his mask on and hear the snoring coming from behind him.


It’s Mom snoring! So he wakes her up. And she says, “It wasn’t me snoring. My eyes were open.”