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Ok, so I know after you look at the pictures you are going to think we live in fairy tale. And we kind of do. Well, I guess we really do. Our pictures were done by a studio called Better Paris Photos and they have photographers that speak French, as well as, English. They have different packages you can choose from and we choose the one that was two and a half hours long and included three locations. We choose the Eiffel Tower (of course!), the Louvre, and the Alexandria Bridge. Two and a half hours is really a long time, especially for our feet and Brooklyn. Mom and Mike were troopers not complaining once after we walked about five miles around Paris. I think the only person complaining about their shoes was Michael (Being beautiful hurts, especially when you wear French shoes!). And even after mom gave me the stank eye when she was starving at lunch time, since she skipped breakfast to be on time (Now I know where my crankiness from lack of food comes from), it was all worth it for these priceless memories. And we will also take with us the memory of Brooklyn peeing at the bottom of the steps at the Louvre since there are no public bathrooms in Paris.