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We went to a medieval village called Charroux that has about 320 inhabitants. This village, from the Middle Ages, was an independent walled city founded in the late eighth century by Charlemagne and Roger, Count of Limoges, and has church from the 12th century. It is ranked one of the most beautiful villages in France. This village is known for its mustard and is used by several great chefs and exported around the world.

Charroux was very charming and quiet, had a few tourist shops, and one small restaurant. Mom and I bought some jelly’s from one of the shops that the lady made herself. The shop owner would let you taste them all and she must have had about 100 different kinds. I got a yummy white cherry (I had never heard of white cherries before this) jelly. We wandered around looking at the inside of the church, the houses, and the old wells. We enjoyed looking at the houses with their ivy and handmade doors and shutters. The street signs, shop signs, and directional signs were handmade and fit the city well. We let Brooklyn pick flowers for a while at a circular gathering area that looks over the fields and then let her play on the playground near the parking area before going home. And Charroux had a public restroom beside the parking area. Yay!