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While Mom and Mike were here, we traveled a lot, so we ate out a lot. We weren’t very good about taking pictures because we were always starving from walking 10 miles a day and we would forget to take pictures.

The one place we wanted to take make sure we took Mom and Mike to was Le Caveau. It is our favorite restaurant. I took pictures of the restaurant since it was early and people weren’t there yet. We ate at 7 but the French don’t eat until 8 or 9 and some eat at 10! When you eat at Le Caveau, they give you fresh bread and fois gras to go on top of it. It is the best fois gras we have had! We all got the same meal of a steak and a crème sauce with wrinkly French mushrooms. It was amazing and this is what Michael and I get every time we come. It is the crème and mushrooms that make it so good. We asked before and they mix crème fraîche and cognac together to make the sauce and add the mushrooms. I’m going to have to experiment and make this. We have a picture of one of our meals but we were halfway done eating it so you will have to use your imagination. You also get a pan full of Truffade, which is a French dish of potatoes and cheese. This is also the best Truffade we have had. Most people bake theirs, but Le Caveau pan fries theirs which makes the cheese extra good. We also think they put in some kind of beef juice to add flavor because some Truffade can be boring, but theirs is not. We were so full but we split a dessert of Caramel Crème. It is the owners take of Crème Brûlée with caramel. It wasn’t the sweet American caramel I was expecting , it was actually kind of liquid and bitter. However, the crème part of the dessert was fabulous! If you come visit us, you can expect to eat here!

We ate twice at a restaurant called La Taverne de Maître Kanter. Michael and I had looked at it before, but never ate there and we are glad we decided to try it! The first time we ate there I got a meal of mashed potatoes with a sort of pot roast bbq and a piece of fois gras on top. It was awesome! Mom got a pizza with scallops and both Mike’s got hamburgers that had sliced potatoes on top instead of the bun. The second time we ate there I got the same thing again, Mom got duck and figs, and the Mike’s shared a seafood meal for two. They both said the oysters were the best ones they have had. They also had these teeny tiny baby shrimp that the waiter said you either eat whole or take the head off and eat the rest whole. I tried one, without the head, and it tasted like a normal shrimp, just small. I guess since it was so small the shell never had time to harden. Brooklyn had a good time playing with the crabs, the crawfish, and the shrimp. She really wanted to take the baby crab home, but we told her she couldn’t. The seafood meal also came with two champagnes, but they brought one for all of us. For dessert Mom got the Crème Brûlée and I got the Pear Crumble (My new favorite dessert). After we ate there twice we realized they had a child’s playroom. Thankfully Brooklyn behaves very well at dinner, but it would have been nice to know so the poor child didn’t have to sit through 3 hours of French dinner!

Mom and I ate lunch at the Venetian for lunch one day and got the Midi-Menu that is an appetizer, a entrée, and a desert. We got a salad with a tiny baby quiche, veal marsala, and mom got a chocolate cake, and I got the Pear Helene (Pear Sundae). Everything about the Venetian is fabulous and the food is always phenomenal and the prices are good too. We tried to eat there with the guys another time but they were full. They have three floors of seating areas (no elevators) so they are obviously very popular!

We ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken one day and got a bucket of wings and chicken fingers and it was good! At some fast food places you can place your order at a computer. I’m not sure if the U.S. has that option or not. Brooklyn got to play in the KFC playground while we ate. She played with a little French girl who would pull Brooklyn up the different levels when she couldn’t do it by herself. It was so cute! One unusual thing about KFC here is that one option for a side on a kids menu is cherry tomatoes. Are there any kids out there who actually want tomatoes?

We also ate at McDonalds. Mike loves a Quarter Pounder and wanted to eat one here. Here it is called a Royale. Even with all the good French food, we always can make room for McDonalds!