Mom and Mike’s Top 10 Crazy Observations
Written by Debbie

1. You have to walk EVERYWHERE and it is uphill and there are never ending stairs EVERYWHERE. We’ve been eating out all the time and eating lots of desserts at the patisseries, but I haven’t gained any weight because of all the walking. Now I know why Amy doesn’t weigh 200 pounds.
2. You can’t buy anymore at the grocery store than you are willing to carry home.
3. There are almost no toilets and when there are, you have to pay for them.
4. The bathroom at the restaurant had urinals and stalls for both males and females so when Mike was using the urinal at a restaurant we ate at, a woman walked in and said, “Bonjour!”
5. Dinners are very long and they won’t talk about dessert or let you order until they have taken away all your dinner dishes.
6. All the women in Paris wear the most luscious perfume and you can smell it very strongly when they walk by. (Michael told me this was to hide the B.O.)
7. They plant lots and lots of flowers and they plant trees that flower everywhere in the city. It is beautiful.
8. All the clothings with writing is in English. I never found any clothes in French for Kaylee and Kody, my other grandchildren.
9. 90% of the music on the radio is English.
10. I thought Amy was kidding but everyone and their brother still wears a scarf, sweater, and a coat even though it is 70 degrees outside. I wear a t-shirt and sometimes a light sweater.