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On Sunday the 19th of May, Brooklyn got to be a part of the Mini-Farmer Day at the farm in Montpeyroux. Children ages 3-5 could sign up to get to feed the animals and learn how to take care of them. It lasted for a little over an hour. Brooklyn got to feed the pigs, milk a goat (she didn’t want to do this, but Michael and I did!), bottle feed a baby goat, feed the goats, and feed and water the rabbits. She was a little shy at first, but by the time she got to feeding the rabbits part, she was taking her job very seriously. She had fun giving the rabbits water and putting some hay in with them and then locking them back in their cages. And check out the pictures of Michael with the baby bunnies. One of those is coming home with us in the middle of June! The kids also got to go to the pasture and bring the two ponies in. They got to groom the ponies and Brooklyn’s day wouldn’t have been complete without a ride on Princess.